Entry #20

It's Almost Summer!

2011-06-20 06:30:18 by MiLink

Things are looking good for the summer - except for school things of course. My exams start tomorrow and end on Friday. But besides that, I'm working on a dubstep remix of B.O.B's "Nothing on You" feat. Bruno Mars. My brother and owner of Just Josh Designs is actually designing the cover art for his particular song as well as a general cover art, perhaps a new logo for me because I never had a real icon or something.

We're constantly editing and revising this song (with breaks for studying and L.A. Noire/Crysis 2), but I know that in the end it's gonna be worth it. I'm actually gonna upload a work in progress once I tweak out some part and add some effects - just to see where it stands in terms of quality. This isn't like my other songs that take less than a day to complete (with the exclusion of some like Bassline Emergency.


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