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Why do I feel like this one was trying too hard?

Willllllll do!

In my free time, I suppose I can make some icons. I love redesigns, just not too many :)

Rabid-Animals responds:

Cool. Use the links at the end of the Flash.


Lol, I got confused when you said first submission (thought you were saying this was your first animation). This was pretty funny in my opinion.

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Based too much on the book.

I got 80% survival just by answering it honestly, but I do own Max's book and it seems like you took all the questions and put them into there.

You should ask about if you have any experience handling firearms or combat too lol. You can be in good shape but not know how to fight.

100% Love this Game

One thing - Can you explain to me and everyone else how to rank up? I turned on the game today and all of a sudden I was promoted to First Lieutenant. Maybe explain the medals system too, because there aren't any empty slots that give you a hint to what you have to do to achieve the medals..

But this game is very fun, can't wait to see another one some day.

Fun game!

It was a bit easy, mostly because I was able to do most of it myself, but there were some things that were tricky and needed more explanation like the 5151 code. This was really fun though!

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This is very much some progressive house, less trancy. Even though you're using sounds from your previous songs (at least that's what it sounds like), the synth kinda is the center of attention, which makes it seem less trance than usual. But I love what you do, don't stop now.

- rayun<3

Definitely downloading this!

This is really great, glad you PM'd me to let me know you remixed and completed this! Good work here man, 5/5 and 10/10 of course. I'll download this when I'm on my computer. Just a suggestion, I love the simple beat you got goin' at 2 minutes, but without the higher pitched lead goin on. Got me and a girly friend movin', so I just wished you had more mixes like that. Anyways, keep this shit up and don't let it hit the fan hahaha

ToxicBlizzard responds:

Thnaks alot dude
apreciate it (:

Kind and Beautiful

This is absolutely great. Not exactly what I look for in House, but I can see this in the happy part of a movie hahahahaha. This is nice man, happy sounding, which is a nice change from my deep house.

Kendotronic responds:

Many thanks friend! Yeah, I wasn't sure what genre to file this under, so I just put it with the rest of my stuff under house. My other stuff is more traditional tech-house if you wanna check it out!

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This is hilarious!! What did you make this in, because it's pretty damn awesome.

Pretty good.

I'll tell you what I like:

I like the fixed jaw, which is equally shaped on both sides, rather than one (like a McCain look).The nose is good, as well as the hair.

But what I don't like:

I don't like the philtrum - It seems to be too 'drooped', or hangin' low. Bring the lips
up a little, maybe leave the chin because it looks good. The left eye bothers me somewhat, but I suppose it's the angle in which the face is placed. And the last thing is the eyebrows.. Too clear on each particular hair, but I guess that's just me.

--- I understand it's practice, but I think everyone should get a little criticism! :D

lysgaard responds:

Thanks! Practice is all about criticism.

I like the top-left

I think the top-left sketch is the best one on there. The bottom right has a weird cheeck thing going on and I don't think the front of the helmet is THAT big. Sorta like a German helmet, not so much Darth Vader.

And usually, in modern mil. tech, the things like Infared Vision switch for a HUD, or a Respirator System, wouldn't be located exactly on the side of the mask (at least not on the side of the FRONT.. of the mask :S). I could imagine it being on the torso area somewhere, but hey, your design!

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