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MiLink's News

Posted by MiLink - June 20th, 2011

Things are looking good for the summer - except for school things of course. My exams start tomorrow and end on Friday. But besides that, I'm working on a dubstep remix of B.O.B's "Nothing on You" feat. Bruno Mars. My brother and owner of Just Josh Designs is actually designing the cover art for his particular song as well as a general cover art, perhaps a new logo for me because I never had a real icon or something.

We're constantly editing and revising this song (with breaks for studying and L.A. Noire/Crysis 2), but I know that in the end it's gonna be worth it. I'm actually gonna upload a work in progress once I tweak out some part and add some effects - just to see where it stands in terms of quality. This isn't like my other songs that take less than a day to complete (with the exclusion of some like Bassline Emergency.

Posted by MiLink - June 2nd, 2011

Yeah I was getting tired of the shitty reviews back when I posting my music here religiously, but months later I'm back and I feel that I've improved quite a bit. I have a fanpage on Facebook with over 150 fans (which isn't a lot, but hey), and I've been getting recognized a bit more in the past month so that's a plus.

I'll be posting occasionally, but not as frequently as before.

Posted by MiLink - January 23rd, 2011

Get it here

http://soundcloud.com/dj_rayun/evil-jo ker-dj-rayun-mix

The Joker
by Dem Slackers
Evil Nine (Dem Slackers Remix) by Ultimo

Posted by MiLink - November 8th, 2010

Like my music, and I'll like your family.

Posted by MiLink - October 3rd, 2010

I'm making one more song. This is my passage of yes or fail (lul). If this song goes according to plan (meaning that the demo is good, I work on the full version, and that goes good too), then I'll continue making techno/trance/hardstyle/house/dance music, constantly trying to improve. However if this fails... I give up and I'll move onto Oldschool Hip Hop or Heavy Metal.

Posted by MiLink - September 26th, 2010

I just suck at music. And that's the most disappointing part.

Posted by MiLink - September 10th, 2010

Album Coversssssss!

Haha, only two of them. The blue one isn't that good at all, but I'm going to be using Album Cover II, other known as the cover for HOT bASS, which is muchhh better. So check it out.

Also, Level 10 get.

Posted by MiLink - August 31st, 2010

I met 100 blams, with 566 saves on the side. Yay, I also am still on the list with the NGPD roster, which is pretty cool.

And fucking check out my new song.

Posted by MiLink - August 23rd, 2010

That's the name of my song, Furious. If this song goes well, I'll make a whole line of songs like it (not exactly like it, but the same flavor so I can put it into a nice album for everyone). So check it out, I need the most ratings, reviews, all of it, to give me a good understanding as to how my song really is.

Like in the Art portal, I hate it when people rate your music but don't give you reviews. It's upsetting.

Posted by MiLink - August 20th, 2010

Yeah, a quick side note - missing images on my left and right on the site right now. Oh well, I want a redesign NOW :D

But to the title, school starts on the 27th. I got a school project due the 30th and I gotta make a deadline for a school TV program for the whole district somewhere in the beginning of the school year. I don't have an exact date, and I'm sure they'll be wrapped up in everything so they won't have time for me, however they WILL ask and I WILL have the project done and ready to hand in to the principal. This being said, I won't be as active on the Police force and on NewGrounds in general. I'm lucky that my brother left his laptop home when he went to his friends house tonight because I've been grounded for the past three days and it will continue indefinitely.

So I hope you all have a nice start to your school year for those who are going back relatively soon!